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Brad Smith began his  farming career when he was a young idealistic lad searching for a way to make a positive environmental impact. While attending UCSC he came across a farm apprenticeship program and immediately found his place in the world (someone should have told him to look in the pre med or engineering dept just in case he wanted to make money someday;) anywho there was no turning back now. He is in part responsible for the Santa Cruz homeless garden that is still thriving today (they don't grow homeless people FYI). fresh outta college he was hired to manage a large Mushroom farm (mushrooms are literally his least favorite food). He enjoyed learning and growing his management skills and shrooms but he was still young and had things to see. Through a childhood friend who had moved to Kauai he was referred to a management position on an organic lettuce farm in Kilauea. He jumped at the chance to combine his two loves , surfing & farming. Fast forward to 2004 when he met his true love , Amy.

Amy Arnett-Smith and Brad Smith fell in love and through a serendipitous course of events came to lease 17 acres of exotic fruit trees in Kilauea that had been planted by Mike and Candace Strong, an incredibly knowledgeable couple well regarded in the AG world. Mike Strong became Brads mentor and friend. They began their farm/life journey together along with Amys daughter Vivian Rain, whom is now an Angel looking after us from the ethers. Brad named the farm Viva Rain farms after her when she passed. They have a son together Rollin Smith, who is kinda helpful sometimes....hes 10 so..ya...The farm is an eclectic collection of exotics such as Longan, Rambutan, Mangosteen, Moyas, Chiku, Starfruit, Jackfruit, Lanzone & Avocado. 

In 2008 Mike  Strong  helped Brad and Amy buy one of his 5 acre Moloaa farm lots (which is where we grow all our market veg as well as Avocado and Longan. Mike wanted to perpetuate Kauai Agriculture and shared his knowledge and support with them to do so. They are eternally grateful to Mike for all he did for them and for all they have been able to achieve with his help. RIP Mike

Here they are, 16 years later, through all kinds of ups and downs, farming together as a family. 


Covid got us on the hustle!!


With the closing of the Farmers Market which is our primary source of income we are working hard to find new avenues to share our beautiful organic fruit and veggies and pay our mortgage! xoxo, Amy

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our story

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